Connect with fellow web3 people

Every day at a different time,
the club opens for 30 minutes.
Current state: closed

If you encounter difficulties with connexion or signature, we highly recommend using the browsers integrated in wallets (Metamask for example).

We know this experience sucks, and we’re sorry about it, but mobile web3 is still ... very very early.

Copy our URL before doing so, it will be easier than typing it in the wallet.

https://walletroulette.xyz copy

WalletRoulette is an attempt to ease connexions amongst web3 enthusiasts.

When you join, we randomly connect you with another person. WalletRoulette is chat only - no video, no dick.

Whenever you want, click Next: you will be connected with another folk.

The collections of the NFTs you own and the main on-chain events your participated in are shared with others to give insights about you.

made with 🦾 by @polmaire & @0xno12
using @xmtp_